Tabernacle, Temple, and Today

In the Old Testament, we learn about both the Tabernacle and the Temple. As the Hebrew people left Egypt, they set up the Tabernacle (tent) and after they settled in the Promised Land, Solomon built the Temple. Both had similar layouts. I confess that reading about them is not very … exciting. However, when you see God’s message in their layout, you can see that it’s a guide to your walk with Jesus!

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Personal Gospels

Some say that the most important books of the Bible are the four Gospels. Because the writers saw things through their own eyes, the stories do not line up 100%, which is as it should be. In many years of detective work, I learned that rarely do two witnesses see things the exact same way. It’s always from their own point of view.

Witness statements. That’s what the Gospels are to us, to me. Different views of the same thing and each view tells you a lot about the author as well. Here’s what I mean:

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Abide / Remain

Does it make sense to make planes out of something that doesn’t fly or to make ships out of something that doesn’t float? Metal doesn’t fly or float! Yet jet planes are made of metal, as are ocean-going ships. Many times I have used both to go on long journeys covering distances I could not cover on my own. I could well use my relationship with God in the same way!

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